A formal application blank (attached as Exhibit B) was enclosed with the circular, and in this was the qualifications of the amateurs who offered their services were determined.  In an undertaking of this kind it was necessary to secure amateurs of the highest type who were skilled in reception , and it was found that the replies to the questions of Exhibit B gave us the necessary information to determine , to a very close degree, the qualifications and the ability of the volunteers.  The selection of personal and their assignment was left to MR. J. O. Smith, whose knowledge of amateur conditions proved invaluable in perfecting the arrangements for the receiving end of the program.

    Mr, Smiths report covering the operating part of the radiophone broadcasting on July 2nd.  discloses the following features of interest:  On June 22nd the latest date for the acceptance of theatres or halls where the returns were to be handled, Mr. Julans Hopp, theatre representative of the American Committee for Devastated France and the Navy Club, reported that halls and theatres had been secured at 47 cities outside of greater New York, with eleven theatres, halls and auditoriums inside of greater New York for a total of 58.

In the absence of any definite information as to the daylight overland range of the radiophone set to be used at Hoboken it was decided to keep within a 200 mile radius, and in accordance with this decisions, halls and auditoriums were secured at the following places, outside of greater New York.

     Bridgeport, Conn.                                        Wilmington,  Delaware

     Fall River,  Mass.                                         Auburn,  New York

     Albany,  New York                                      Mount Vernon,  New York

     Utica,  New York                                         Newark,  New Jersey

     New Brunswick,  New Jersey                     Philadelphia,  Penn.

     Harrisburg,  Pa                                           Reading,  Pa.

     Hanover,  Pa                                              York,  Pa.

     Gloucester,  Mass.                                     Bethlehem,  Pa.

     Easton,  Pa.                                               Asbury Park,  New Jersey

     Lakewood,  New Jersey                            Yonkers, N.Y.

     Columbia,  Pa.                                           New Haven,  Conn.

     Perth Amboy     N.J.                                  Baltimore,    Md.

     Elmira,  New York                                     Freeport,  Long Island,  New York

     Ithica,  New York                                      Newport,  R.I.

     Williamsport,  Pa.                                     Wilkes-Barre   Pa.

     Stanford,  Conn                                        Springfield, Mass.

     Paterson, N.J.                                          Trenton,  N.J.

     Syracuse,  N.Y.                                        Manchester, N.H.

     Bridgeton  N. J.                                        Webster, Mass.

     Granford, N.J.