Poultney, Vt.: F.C.Fassett reports thqt the voice from Hoboken was strong during the entire broadcasting and that the ringing of the gong between rounds could be clearly heard all over the hall.  He forwarded $5.69.

Red Bank, N.J.:  R.S Johnsonsent word to the city officials of Red Bank and their friends to attend the reception of the returns.  A fair crowd was on hand at 1 o’clock and he was in he midst of numerous questions “Hello, Hello, this is WJY, Hoboken, N.J. speaking” broke in on his room and the croud was instantly silenced.  The affair was an entire success from beginning to end and the hat was passed.  $36.50 was dropped into it and has been sent to us.  He stated that from an experimental standpoint the event will go down in history as a most wonderful accomplishment. His letter concludes as follows:  “ Why was brother 2ZLso nervous on Friday night when he said to Mrs, 2ZLover the air that he would not be home until late.  Be brave brother,  be brave,  Maybe some day Mrs 2ZL will understand the feeling that runs through our etherized system if brother 2ZL wants to aid me a little please ask him to give me data on a circuit to use two 50 watt tubes for a heising circuit or the best circuit he can give me for one oscilater  and one modulator, also the correct size of an aerial for 200 meter transmission .  Have not had much success as yet with tube transmission.”  2ZL (Mr. Smith) has already supplies the requested information.

Nanthorne, Pa.:  J. Edgar Hines states that he received the full report of the boxing match on his farm, and that five persons heard the returns as clearly as if the speaker was telephoning from the next farm.  He states that he gave a report to the local telephone exchange and to twenty one people , personally, over the telephone.  He enclosed $5.00 as a contribution.

Oneonta, NY:  R. E. Brigham states that ten friends listened to the radiophone returns and considered the event remarkably successful.  They heard every word and all were well pleased , and commented favorably upon the clearness of the speech. Mr. Brigham enclosed a check for $17.00 as a contribution.

Tarrytown,  N.Y.:  Old Post Road Garage was used by Fred Koenig because he was unable to secure a hall at Tarrytown.  He set up his receiver in the show room of the garage “which by the way”,he adds, “was not large enough to accomodate the large crowd which came to hear the wonderful description of the fight by wireless telephone”.  A collection was taken up to the amount of $35.50 which has been received.  Mr. Koenig had hand bills printed and distributed throughout Tarrytown and the surrounding country before the fight, one of which is herewith attached.