On Saturday July 2nd, it was intended to put fifteen to twenty minutes before 1 p.m. tuning up the set ,  but the unexpected early start of the preliminary bouts made it necessary to throw on the switch and start talking , irrespective of the lack of time in which to look over the set or make any adjustments, and it was a matter of great satisfaction to know that the set operated perfectly throughout the description of all the preliminary bouts and the big fight itself. 

     The antenna current was 14 amperes with an approximate increase of 2 amperes on modulation.   The retransmission at Hoboken was never more than a minute behind the actual event at the ringside.

     Mr. Sheehey of the Broad Street office, who took Mr. White’s ringside dictation on the typewriter, was able to keep up with it closely, and the bulletins were made available for retransmission over the radio phone within a minute after they were received.  Retransmission at Hoboken was timed so that each round was described in three minute periods with one minute intervals allowed between the rounds.

     Reports containing remarks of listeners from a number of scattered points throughout the district covered by the voice transmission tell the story elequently .  The complete success is clearly indicated in the following extracts selected from several hundred received:

     Greater New York : The reports were received by an audience of more than 10,000 persons in eleven theatres and auditoriums which had signed contracts of the American Committee for devastated France and the Navy Club, and in a large number of small clubs and homes.

     Butler , New Jersey;  Reports entire reception perfect on set of crude homemade instruments.

     Hardwick,  Vermont;  Voice loud enough to hear entire fight and preliminaries without trouble using two steps of amplification.  (Distance 300 miles).

Yacht “Eagle” owned by W. K. Vanderbilt      Operator accidentally ran across our voice description while tuning his set, when 125 miles from New York on Long Island Sound.  Voice was fine and clear and Mr. Vanderbilt , his guests, and all the crew were able to hear the description of all the preliminaries and the big fight itself.  Operator reports they were very much impressed.